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FDA Releases Guidance on Digital Health Policies

The Food and Drug Administration took their next step in the implementation of the 21st Century Cures law with the release of three new policy documents. The FDA hopes to advance their approach to the development and proper oversight of innovative digital health tools.  Read More at Himss

New study discusses emissions from Wind and Solar Power

Low-carbon energy technologies like solar cells and wind power plants have associated greenhouse gas emissions. But, according to a new study, the impact of these emissions pale in comparison with the emissions prevented by the displacement of fossil fuel sources.   Read More at Sci Tech Daily

Improving drugs and vaccines targeting Zika

Scientists have found an approach that combats Zika by targeting a protein in the host cell, preventing the virus from replicating. It's one of two recent developments aimed at Zika that could boost ongoing efforts to treat and prevent the virus.   Read More at Fierce Biotech

NAFTA is a boon to U.S. agriculture

Since the start of NAFTA, U.S. trade with Canada and Mexico has more than tripled. The agreement is important to the economic well-being of American farmers. For example, the $22 million-plus value of Oregon Christmas trees is a small slice of the $262 billion in exports of goods and services to Mexico in 2016. Read More at Delta Farm Press

The future of driving displayed at CES 2018

Automakers and equipment suppliers will show off their latest innovations at CES 2018. Self-driving cars will have a big presence at the show. Automakers plan to give demos of their prototypes and start to address the issue of how passengers will spend their time in self-driving cars.  Read More at CNET News

11 Innovative Pro Audio Products of 2017

2017 was a big year for pro audio products. Companies were focused on providing solutions that help integrators address their clients’ emerging huddle and conference room needs. How content is distributed was another major theme throughout 2017. Read More at Commercial Integrator

Digital Signage for Hotels and Their Guests

Digital signage can help improve communications between managers and hotel guests. Aside from customer engagement, digital signage frees up hotel staff through allowing customers to help themselves, particularly important during peak seasons such as Christmas.  Read More at Digital Signage Today

Protect Your Roof From Stormy Weather

Climate dictates the kind of storms you will receive, which affects the choice and installation of your roof system. Most storms give you a  forewarning when it's on its way. Facility managers need to prepare the roof for the damage that can occur. Read More at Facilities Net

Needs, Options and Opportunities with Door Hardware

Security is a top priority within commercial and institutional facilities. Property managers need to follow the latest advances in door hardware designed to enhance the safety of occupants and visitors. “In our fast-changing world, the need for upgraded physical security has been driving significant changes in door hardware,” says Gary Agans with Yale Locks and Hardware. “Facilities need to remain...

ood Plant Design Trends That Are Shaping The Industry

2017 saw continued change and disruption in the ever-evolving food and beverage industry. From a crazy hurricane season to the Amazon-Whole Foods merger, the industry is seeing notable trends that are shaping the way facilities operate. Read More at Food Manufacturing