Since 1959, Swenson Shear has proudly produced its goods in America, using only the best materials. From conception—to design—to manufacturing, Swenson Shear understands the value of high-quality products that exceed the needs of the construction industry. Manufacturers who keep their production in-house provide higher quality products, produce more efficient goods, and experience higher customer satisfaction.

According to Consumer Reports, 78% of Americans would prefer to buy an American-made product when given a choice between an overseas-made product and an identical American-made one. Swenson Shear has handled all aspects of their tools in the Central Valley of California, since its inception. These products speed the process, improve the quality, and ease the difficulty of metal panel preparation and installation in building construction industries. 

80% of Americans who prefer American-made products cite keeping manufacturing jobs in the US as a strong reason for buying American. Outsourcing may appeal to companies for a variety of benefits, but those benefits don’t outweigh the costs in the long run. It creates business challenges regarding customer relationships, quality measures, and innovation. By producing all items in-house, Swenson Shear can quickly assist builders with most issues that could arise.

When you are on a job, do you want knock off tools sent here from overseas or do you want tools crafted with the highest American standards? Swenson Shear is the only maker of their tools, allowing roofers to have the very best. Competitors who create similar products lack the same perfectionism. Swenson Shear prides itself on its quality and its ability to quickly make product improvements.

See the time-saving benefits Prime Roofing has enjoyed from their Swenson Shear purchases. By leveraging the exceptional quality of their roofing supplies, Prime Roofing is providing its customers with the best materials in the business. Plus, the equipment enables them to provide superior installation while saving hours of labor costs.

Swenson Shear is proud to create American-made goods that speed up and simplify the process of metal panel preparation and installation. Roofers and building suppliers want to know where their products are made, and they prefer those made in the U.S.A. Swenson Shear is proud to be 100% American. They always manufacture high-quality, heavy-duty metal panel cutting tools and all-in-one finishing.

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