Data and Analytics

Measuring the performance of all marketing channels is essential for today’s B2B marketers. MarketScale delivers 100% of the tools and technology needed for marketers to stay ahead with great data in competitive indsutries.

  • Customer Enterprise Dashboards, branded for your company
  • Automated Leads Portal, delivering valuable visitor data by company
  • Industry segmentation reporting, measuring demand and engagement by industry, market, product and more
  • Social media analytics
  • Heatmaps and website session recording

Why it Helps Marketers

With 43% of marketers saying that proving ROI is their top marketing challenge, MarketScale ensures that our customers are not in that group. Every MarketScale campaign has more than enough focus on performance measurement, and custom marketing KPI analytics through real-time tools.

Our MarketScale Analytics Suite integrates a multitude of data sources, including some of the most popular marketing tools, technologies and channels.