Alison Maxson

Senior Marketing Manager PPDS

Marketing communications manager with 12 plus years of B2C and B2B experience in developing, coordinating and executing PR and marketing plans. While not creating industry leading videos and podcasts, Alison has been known to enjoy The Magic Kingdom experience of Disney World and soccer games with her husband.

B.S 2002 - 2003
image-25 Content Creation
Creative Messaging

Recent Posts

Professional AV

Hot Takes at InfoComm 2019

Daniel Litwin - June 18, 2019

With technology as expansive and dynamic as that found in the Pro AV industry, it is no surprise that opinion on its future application is varied. At InfoComm 2019, consensus was hard to come by in some areas, and experts shared their thoughts on some of the fundamental questions facing Pro AV currently.

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MarketScale Overseas at ISE: Day One in Amsterdam

Daniel Litwin - February 5, 2019

ISE 2019 is underway and although we may not be able to speak with all 1,300 exhibitors and 80,000 attendees, we are determined to find answers to the burning questions in the Pro AV industry.On the first day of this years event, Tyler Kernsat down with five Pro AV insiders to get their impressions of the show and what they are excited about on an industry level.

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AVIXA’s Newest Women’s Council Group Open its Doors in Orlando

MarketScale - October 5, 2018

AVIXA's Women's Council began five years ago, and even from its inception, entered the Pro AV industry with overwhelming support. Well-beyond the bare minimum of 25 AVIXA members went to the organization with an idea for a group that would elevate, educate and connect women with opportunities in the industry.

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Listen: Discussing All Things A/V with Gary Fuller and Alison Maxson

MarketScale - February 28, 2018

On today's podcast, we chat with Gary Fuller and Alison Maxson from Absen America. We discuss the relatively recent ideological changes in the industry, the approach they take in communicating (both speaking and listening) with their customers, the benefits a local infrastructure presents to a company, and we talk about a dream project for Gary.

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