Garrett Golightly

Graphic Designer

I'm a graphic designer who loves learning new skills and software. This year I've had fun expanding my horizons a lil bit into motion graphics, 3D design, and UX/UI. Follow my journey for some updates on what I'm working on and to witness my goofs. I hope my content inspires you to not only dance what you feel but FEEL what you DANCE! If

B.A. in Entrepreneurship, Communication, and Art Interdisciplinary Studies from University of Texas at Arlington 2015-2018
Graphic Design

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How Mark Cuban is Turning the Prescription Drug Industry Upside Down

Tyler Kern - March 14, 2022

When Mark Cuban enters an industry, he typically disrupts it in one way or another. And thats precisely what it appears he has done once again, though this time in the healthcare space.

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Cowboys QB Ben DiNucci Turning Dallas Streetwear Upside Down with True Brvnd

Justin Honore - March 24, 2022

In 2022, a business partnership can be created with just a simple direct message on social media. For True Brvnd, a streetwear and hat company based in Dallas, TX, that's exactly how things played out.

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“They Gave Us Game” Line from Lids Celebrates Historically Black Sports Leagues

Justin Honore - April 7, 2022

Even if you are an industry giant there is always ways you can try and stay ahead of the competition especially in the retail space. Lids has been in business for almost three decades and their stores can be found in malls and retail spaces across the country.

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