MarketScale AEC 12/20/18: Removing Highways and Preserving Indian Architecture

Today’s episode has a duality to it, exploring the benefits of both preservation and destruction. In each case, they’re bringing communities together. Listen to a University of Alabama at Birmingham professor detail her fight to preserve 18th century Hindu architecture, as well as a public transit official campaigning for the removal of a key stretch of city highway in Dallas, TX.


AEC 12/13/18: A Sweet Tooth for Change

Today’s episode tells several stories, and all of them analyze a different aspect of the industry. We’ll hear from a frequent MarketScale contributor and writer, Beth Osborne, on how airports are remodeling with new technology to increase efficiency and improve flier experience. MarketScale Host Sean Heath did his own narrative investigation into adaptive reuse, and how old buildings are being adapted and remodeled into something hip and fresh. Finally, we get a profile on some of Dallas’ brightest architects, the Bender Brothers, and get a look into their creative process for designing the Instagram attraction that is the Sweet Tooth Hotel. Hope you’re ready for an episode that shows how AEC’s got a sweet tooth for change.



The design and architecture styles of a city are enigmatic, and often have hundreds of years of history crafting their vibe and cohesiveness. In today’s episode, we take a look at these forces, whether they’re cultural influences on design, environmental influences on construction, or stylistic influences on an overlooked deliverable. Our main feature focuses on one city, Toronto, and it’s unique architecture, with commentary from Tom Bessai, lecturer at the University of Toronto and Principal of his own design studio. We will also hear insight from Karen Weigert, climate fellow at the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, on her organization’s report calling for an overhaul of building codes worldwide. But first we’ll hear from Vicoustic, an acoustic treatment company based out of Portugal, that came on our podcast to talk sustainability in sound management architecture. All of this and more on today’s AEC Podcast Show.


MarketScale AEC 11/29/18: Drones & Density

On today’s episode, we get a look at two different but equally powerful topics in AEC: the impact of drones, and the overcrowding of cities. For the impact of drones, we chat with two VDC specialists who tell us first hand how the constructions and design has adapted to deeper data, optimized workflows and new technology. Though drones are powerful tools, they do bring their challenges; James Holmes with Rogers-O’Brien Construction and Grant Hagen with The Beck Group walk us through the ups and downs. For the overcrowding of cities, we look abroad for answers at home. George Frantz, Associate Professor for the Department of City & Regional Planning at Cornell University, joins us on the podcast to break down his years of research on Chinese cities, and why density doesn’t equal overcrowding. You’ll also get the hottest industry news and a look at 3D printing in the industry; all of that and more on MarketScale AEC.



It’s the holiday season! With Thanksgiving putting a little pressure on everyone’s schedule, we figured this was the perfect time to give you, our audience, a charcuterie board of previous MarketScale AEC content. Plenty of one-time podcasts on our AEC publication haven’t gotten the love they deserve, so we wanted to infuse them with the holiday spirit and showcase three AEC podcasts that encapsulate some of the most important trends, troubles and talents in the industry. Enjoy a dive into the growing success of the pivot door in the United States, the ecological struggle of Japan’s construction industry, and what an interactive city of the future may look and feel like.



Today’s episode explores the “science” of cities, both literally and figuratively. From a literal angle, we get a look at the convergence of Healthcare and AEC; Mackenzie Williams, MarketScale Business Development Manager, gives us a recap of 2018’s Healthcare Design Conference & Expo. We also pose the question: can city architecture impact your physical and mental health? Don Ruggles, President of Ruggles Mabe Studio, thinks so. He joins us on the podcast to look at the neuroscience behind city-scapes. On the more figurative side of “science,” we take a hard look at Houston’s zoning laws as well, or lack thereof. How has this affected city layout, and what does it mean for the future of this expanding city? Dr. William Fulton from the Kinder Institute for Urban Research explains.



On today’s episode, we’re focusing our features on the mindful, greener future of sustainability and community in AEC, from concrete innovation to sand use to aviation. We’ll dig into the possibility of green cement helping curb notorious emissions. We also hear from Eric Peterson, Principal Architect & Head of Aviation for Alliiance, exploring the most exciting trends and the most damaging pitfalls in airport architecture. Finally, we host a podcast panel with Nelson Wills, Vice President of Business Development for Element Designs, and Steven Strickland, Director of Construction Management for FDH Infrastructure Services. The two spark discussion on the disappearance of usable sand in construction, and what the future looks like for sustainable sand use in the industry.



On the first episode of The MarketScale AEC Show, we look to both the past and the future to track AEC’s coming trends, rising stars and established professionals. We get our dose of industry news, as well as a recap on Orgatec 2018 from MarketScale’s Creative Director Josh Brummett, a conference in historic Cologne, Germany focusing on what’s next in office design. We also get an interesting development in AEC’s race to find the answer for sustainable housing, not only in the states but globally. Could compressed hemp blocks be the answer?


AEC 01/10/19: Let's Make Your Job (and Your Life) Easier

Often it can feel like new technology does nothing but make our lives more complicated, but on today’s episode of the MarketScale AEC Podcast we’re going to take a look at two innovations that are making the lives of AEC professionals easier.