Cell phones have become more than just a valuable tool; they have become a way of life. But what happens when our national broadband use becomes more than what our tower infrastructure can handle?

Recently, the FCC put forward a repack to re-assign several broadcasters to different channels. This transition, which began in November 2018, is moving most down into the lower groups to free up channels 51-83 for the National Broadband Plan, which allows more 5G and broadband access for wireless carriers.

On this episode of FDH Tech Talks, host Daniel Litwin, the Voice of B2B, interviews Don Doty, Business Development Manager, and Gregg Fehrman, Vice President of Field Operations, for the Stainless Division of FDH Infrastructure Services. Doty and Fehrman unpack everything related to this repack, including how the government allocated $1.7 billion to move these channels, the three-stage process that took place to reverse-auction each network’s “spectrum” of channels, and the fiscal impacts for these networks as well as the businesses, like FDH Infrastructure, that are working so hard to relocate them.

The two discuss the construction challenges of this plan, including what it’s like modifying up to 50-year-old structures to meet newer codes. In this podcast, FDH experts talk about the fact that certain infrastructure companies had years of idle time and are now scrambling to take care of all of this new work, the focused training involved for the tower workers, the difficulty to do this in certain parts of the country or within inclement weather patterns, and what all of this will mean for the consumer.

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