For decades, concrete pavers have been a great way to add a new dimension to the outdoor aesthetic of a home or business. Recently, they’ve been moving indoors to create a unique look to a homeowner’s living space, and manufacturers are hopping on the trend. With proper care and maintenance, concrete pavers can stay beautiful and in good condition for many years; consumers are seeing it as a valuable investment.

Corey McDonald is the Marketing Manager at FireRock Building Materials, and his company aims to provide only the best quality paver with careful attention to specified needs for the installation of each type.

McDonald joined us on the podcast to detail best practices in installation, including issues of material thickness, correct mortar beds to accommodate a concrete product, differences between dry cast and wet cast products, and utilizing the necessary application procedures specific to the materials, all to ensure the long life of the paver.

“That’s one of the uniquenesses of a wet cast product, that durability over time and the ability to blend into the natural environment,” McDonald said.

FireRock is the only company to manufacture a 7-piece random pattern set for those customers, and they tout that their product’s compression strength is triple that of their competitors. In tandem, they are designed with specific sizes that allow pavers to appear more aesthetically pleasing. The design also allows for heat resistance and comfort for walking on in the hot summer months. With their special texturing and four-color options, their look is unique to the brand. FireRock aims to manufacture a product that, at its core, is not only visually appealing and strong but becomes connected with the way people want to live.

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