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Many of the roads and bridges Americans use every day were built just after World War II. While technical marvels at the time of their construction, our nation’s critical infrastructure assets are pushing 60, or even 70 years old, and nearing the end of their service life.

On this episode of FDH Tech Talks, we sat down with Dr. Armita Mohammadian, a research engineer at FDH Infrastructure Services [https://www.fdh-is.com/] who shared some news that may come as a shocker. Every four years, a government agency grades America’s critical infrastructure systems, and in the latest 2017 report, the infrastructure we rely on daily received a dismal D+.

It’s no surprise why the infrastructure scored so low; replacing bridges, tunnels, roads, and power turbines is a costly proposition that is challenging to garner financial support. But Dr. Mohammadian laid out that her company provides a lower cost alternative; FDH performs non-destructive testing (NDT) and applies proprietary methods to assess the conditions of aging infrastructure without destroying its serviceability.

Once the data is gathered and evaluated, FDH’s client-driven R&D team will then develop custom solutions to maintain and strengthen the infrastructure, eliminating the need for costly replacement. FDH also applies its methods to newer infrastructure assets like wind turbines. The company helps assess, maintain, and monitor their structural health so that power generation proceeds without interruption.

“We have the ability to help our customers reliably strengthen their infrastructure system and also save some money,” Dr. Mohammadian said. “That’s very exciting, and it’s what I love about my job.”

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