Wool is common natural fiber. Its applications range widely; it’s a staple of the clothing and textile industries, and it has the ability to absorb odors as well as sounds. You can even use it in making compost. There’s also other surprising uses for wool, namely: building insulation.

Andrew Legge is the CEO of Havelock Wool and his goal is to bring awareness to builders and homeowners that wool can be a natural, alternative insulation. On the podcast, he highlighted the history of synthetic fibers, leading to the rise in fiberglass insulation, and he detailed the many practical and health related benefits that wool insulation offers.

“There used to be a lot more sheep in the US than there are now,” Legge said. “There’s a better return and a more predictable one if you make your own fibers.”

As people are driving toward more all-natural, organic, green, and local goods, Legge expressed optimism that buyer awareness will increase, and lead consumers to make more evaluations and informed decisions on the materials that get used to make their homes.

“I think we all need to stop and think…about the net embodied energy of the creation of the materials that we’re using,” Legge said.

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