On this episode of Live Beautifully, a HanStone Quartz podcast, host Daniel Litwin spoke with Jordan Victoria, founder and principal at Atelier Jordan, a Georgia-based interior architecture design and lifestyle company.

Victoria has design in her DNA. She grew up in a household with parents in the built environment. Victoria’s mom was a realtor, and her father ran a construction company. But interior design was not always Victoria’s passion.

“I’ve always had a desire for fashion and music,” Victoria said. And it was the music industry where Victoria started as a performer and producer for many years.

But Victoria’s career eventually made its way back to interior design. How did she know she was on the right track?

“When I went back to school to pursue my design degree and finished one of my hand draftings, I took it down to one of my dad’s job sites,” she said. “I showed him the drafting, and he teared up. He said to me, ‘you’ve found your passion.’”

Looking back, Victoria realized design always influenced her. At a young age, she was drawing up blueprints and designing her own home.

“I always had a huge imagination,” Victoria said. “I turned my walk-in closet into a school.”

The problem for Victoria was finding the path to hone all her passions into the one thing she loved to do most. The right direction took some time, but the creativity was there from day one. Victoria credits her parents for fostering her creative side.
“My parents gave me the outlet to be as creative as I wanted to be,” she said. “They never stifled that.”

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