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O’Steen Bros. Construction Carries on Legacy of Family

O’Steen Bros. Construction is built on a foundation of family – literally. In 1972, brothers Brad and Dexter bought their first piece of equipment with a loan from their father. Now, nearly 50 Read more


What the Colonial Pipeline Hack Means for Fuel Supplies
What the Colonial Pipeline Hack Means for Fuel Supplies
May 10, 2021
Fuel traders are working to avoid gasoline and diesel supply shortages on the East Coast of the United States following a ransomware attack Friday on Colonial Pipeline Co. Watch below as Bloomberg's Javier Blas Read more
Finding the Right Path for You through Holistic Life Coaching
May 10, 2021
Mind, body and spirit are three ingredients necessary to achieve a holistic balance in one’s life. It’s the job of Jillian Arena, Owner of Intuitive Balance Coaching and a holistic life coach, to strike that Read more
CooperVision Specialty Eye Care Aims to Boost Fitting Confidence through New Educational Resources
May 10, 2021
SAN RAMON, Calif., May 7, 2021—CooperVision Specialty Eye Care is committed to providing ongoing education for eye care professionals by offering an ongoing series of minute videos, as well as educational Read more
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How Live Streams Became the Mainstream for Sports Fans
February 14, 2019
Thanks to the big three—Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime—consumers have become accustomed to viewing their various forms of entertainment on their own terms within the confines of their own Read more
Why a 17th Century Phenomenon Is Key to Architecture Today
February 5, 2019
As odd as it sounds, in the ancient languages, humans did not even have names for colors. Today we have names to represent almost every nuance and shade, but hundreds of years ago, the words used Read more
What the Micro-LED Revolution Means for Your Next TV
January 29, 2019
Samsung’s recent rollout of a gigantic wall-sized TV has created a huge buzz in the digital display sector. The 146-inch microLED screen is the first brand-new display technology to be Read more
Why a Watch or Bracelet Might Save Lives Soon
January 24, 2019
According to a recent study published by Markets and Markets, the wearable medical device market is predicted to reach $14.1 billion by 2022 from USD 5.31 billion in 2016. Players in this highly Read more
What Millennial Shopping Trends Mean For the Way Stores Will Look in the Future
January 17, 2019
According to a recent study by Deloitte, more than 50 percent of consumers do their holiday shopping and much of their other shopping almost exclusively online. Some experts believe the continual Read more
How Pro AV is Making the Work Space More Efficient
January 8, 2019
The workplace is an ever-evolving institution, and the changes are always closely linked to various aspects of modern culture. With technology influencing contemporary life, it is bound to also Read more
Why the Energy Sector is Calling Drones Into Action
January 4, 2019
Drones are reporting for duty in increasing numbers over the past few years, and 2019 will likely see continued growth. Useful for diverse tasks from photography to shipping, and from crop Read more
What Hotels Are Doing to Stay Fresh in 2019
December 20, 2018
Hospitality is one of the most innovative industries in modern day. The sector has seen gradual but consistent growth in the last decade, and that trend will likely continue. Since supply is Read more
The One Process That Is Launching Building Management Into A New Era
December 17, 2018
Building Information Modeling (BIM) offers a long list of benefits to various professionals in the sub-sectors of the building industry umbrella, but first—what exactly is BIM? Autodesk defines Read more