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Parents Are the New Customer in EdTech

Earlier this year, Marcus Kingsley joined SchoolStatus, the K12 edtech company that harnesses student data insight to power teacher conversations. According to company Read more


How Did Rural Hospitals Expand, Even During a Pandemic?
April 16, 2021
The challenges healthcare executives and administrators face are constantly changing. Host Kevin Stevenson talks with the heroes behind the heroes that are enabling hospitals, urgent care centers and telemedicine Read more
Sanitation Practices That We Will Stick With After COVID
April 16, 2021
The initial response to COVID saw a massive increase in the use of disinfectants across a wide spectrum of operations, everything from retail, transportation, hospitality, and healthcare to gymnasiums Read more
Seeing, Moving, Tracking: An Introduction to RTLS Solutions and the Visibility They Provide
April 15, 2021
  Seeing, Moving, Tracking is a new podcast by Redpoint Positioning that will bring insights across the warehousing, industrial management and operations world. The show will feature trends, technologies, Read more
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July 19, 2018
An ongoing heat wave in southern Japan has killed 14 people as of Tuesday, July 17. The heat wave is striking at the worst possible time, as the country is dealing with the aftermath of horrific Read more
Contemporary Research Launches New Website to Enhance the Customer Experience
July 19, 2018
CR has always prided itself on putting the customer first. This driving principle is at the center of everything the company has done since its founding nearly 25 years ago. And today, to better Read more
Listen: The Drone Zone with Max Tubman of BFD Systems
July 19, 2018
Tread lightly. You are about to enter a new dimension. Beyond this point you will soar to new heights, encounter new sights and sounds. You are moving out of the land of pilot and into the Read more
Listen: Battle of the High Street with Frances Bishop of The Pud Store
July 19, 2018
In the UK, Designer Brands are all the rage. From identity to social status, these clothing lines can say a lot about you. Joining us today is Frances Bishop, owner of The Pud Store, who has Read more
Listen: Being an Animated Animator with Justin Lee of IdeaMACHINE Studio
July 19, 2018
In the B2B animation world, the newest wave of creatives is bringing two unique things to the table. They grew up watching some of the most innovative cartoons that relaunched the animation Read more
Listen: Embracing the Integrated, Interactive Classroom with Rod Smith of Clayton County Public Schools
July 19, 2018
As more and more educators find intentional ways to bring emerging tech to the classroom, Rod Smith, CTO of Clayton County Public Schools in Georgia, sat down with us to talk about how he has Read more
Listen: Dissecting the Hype Around AI with Christine Spraker and Aki Al-Zubaidi of Eon
July 19, 2018
It's time to separate the hype from the reality of the use of AI in healthcare, say Christine Spraker and Aki Al-Zubaidi, co-CEOs of Eon Health, a Denver-based healthcare technology firm. "AI Read more
Listen: A New Way To Convey People with Rick Spear of Leitner-Poma of America, Inc.
July 19, 2018
As populations continue to increase, public transportation solutions have become more and more difficult to apply. Rick Spear, President of Leitner-Poma of America, Inc., joined us to talk Read more
Listen: The Truth of Travel Is In the Experience with Alisha Prakash of Oyster
July 18, 2018
On today's podcast, Sean had a chat with Alisha Prakash from They discussed the importance of tourism dollars for islands in the Caribbean after hurricanes, the true value of honest Read more