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Key Indicators Show That Price Increases Have Slowed Since October

Some top inflation indicators have shown that price increases have slowed since the month of October. While that sounds great on paper, experts are hesitant to call this a win. Joshua Wilson, Adjunct Professor at Baylor School of Business, says that he remains unimpressed as these reports come out. He mentions that we’ll need to […]

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The Biden Administration Is Making Big Waves in the Energy Sector
December 8, 2022

The Biden Administration is making big waves in the energy sector, as the White House announces a $550 million package for “community-based clean energy initiatives.” While the sum is relatively small for public investment, the intention of the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Program in supporting fossil fuel reduction will have a wide impact – […]

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IAAPA Expo 2022
IAAPA Expo 2022: What’s New in Themed Entertainment?
December 8, 2022

Amusement Park enthusiasts might be saving for a summer vacation to ride the latest attractions, but the industry insiders provided a sneak peek into the next hospitality and tourism revolutionary rides and games. IAAPA Expo 2022 at the Orange County Expo Center wrapped up in November, and more than 1,000 attendees saw what the future […]

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The European Union Has Announced the Finalized EU GMP Annex 1
December 8, 2022

The European Union has announced the finalized EU GMP Annex 1 for manufacturing sterile medicinal products. It is creating some reservations for manufacturers who are not certain how these changes may impact their total manufacturing operation and output. In particular, as the August 2023 deadline approaches manufacturers will need to take time to unpack the changes […]

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The Current US Oil Landscape: Record Profits Among a Diesel Shortage
November 22, 2022

Diesel Reserves Hit Extreme Lows Once again, record-low oil reserves are making the headlines in oil and gas. Biden committed to releasing an “additional 15 million barrels” from the strategic petroleum reserves, reported Tim Snyder. The genuine concern is the current levels of the diesel reserves are a clear sign of a diesel shortage. […]

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Reopening and Rebuilding All Energy Sources is the Key to Righting the Economic Ship
November 15, 2022

What would you do if the President of the United States called you and asked how you would right the economic ship in relation to energy? That’s the question we posed to economist and oil expert Tim Snyder. His solution begins with reopening and rebuilding all sources of energy that have been rolled back in […]

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What Another 15 Million Barrel Tranche Means for Oil and Gas Prices
November 7, 2022

According to Washington Post, the United States is regarded as the world’s oil barrel of last resort, but what does it mean for hundreds of millions of Americans when depletion becomes an addressable concern? On October 19, “the Biden administration announces another 15-million-barrel tranche to come out of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) for […]

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National Oil Reserves Hit Lows Not Seen Since 1984
October 24, 2022

Are our current energy resources sufficient enough to protect the security of the United States? According to YCharts, the reserves were around 638M on January 20, 2021, when Biden took office. Six months ago, in March, the Biden administration committed to releasing barrels from the national oil reserve. The commitment combats surging prices at […]

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Complexity Clouds the Market as Gas Prices Decrease
August 12, 2022

Key Insights Hurricane Harvey knocked out 20% of US oil production. Gas prices have fallen below $4 a gallon. The complex oil market is full of variables, making it volatile. After months of rising gas prices, the US average price for a gallon fell below $4. Two significant factors are contributing to the decrease. First, […]

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Recession Concerns Rising after Second Consecutive Quarter of Shrinking US GDP
August 4, 2022

Key Insights: The US GDP shrunk for the second quarter in a row. 66% of Americans worry that a significant recession is around the corner. 58% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. When the economy is teetering in recession, food prices, gas, and essential goods are rising faster than in 40 years. The US […]

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Taking Stock of the Economy at the Midway Point of the Year
July 12, 2022

Halfway through 2022, early concerns about how the Federal Reserve and Biden administration have handled skyrocketing gas and commodity prices are proving to be valid. The upward price pressure on all fuel products, crude oil, agricultural commodities, food, etc. has put significant pressure on the U.S. economy and many believe a recession is inevitable. “The […]

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The Supreme Court’s Carbon Regulation Decision
July 8, 2022

With oil and gas prices on everyone’s mind, some good news came to the industry recently in the form of a 6-3 Supreme Court decision. Voting in favor of West Virginia v EPA, the Supreme Court turned the decision of regulation back to Congress. The EPA had been requiring states and companies to restrict their carbon […]

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