The lifespan of buildings is often cyclical; a building is built, it serves a distinct purpose for a period of time, and when it is no longer necessary it is destroyed. But does it have to be that way? On today’s episode of the MarketScale Building Management Podcast, we take a look at smarter ways to approach building restoration and preservation.

Restore the Past to Preserve the Future

When people hear the word asbestos it can be a death sentence for a building or structure. However, George Keefe, President and CEO of GLOBAL Encasement, Inc., says it doesn’t have to be this way. Part of his concern is that we’re tearing down buildings that can be easily restored and filling landfills with materials that take an extremely long time to break down and cause damage to the environment.

“A lot of buildings can be easily restored but unfortunately we don’t do it,” he says. Restoring old buildings can accomplish multiple goals, according to Keefe. In addition to preventing materials from unnecessarily heading to landfills, repurposing old buildings can help preserve the culture and history of neighborhoods. He suggests using environmentally conscious encasement products to prolong the life and usefulness of these buildings.

Learn more about these products and more in his interview on the MarketScale Building Management Podcast.

Cutting Down Inspection Times with Smart Apartments

Inspections and keeping up with the general maintenance of an apartment building can be a costly and time consuming endeavor. What if there were ways to keep track of that data digitally without having to do it manually?

Is it possible that smart IoT technology could help save that time and money? The cost might be high on the front end, but if it helps save money in the long run it would be a smart move. Kevin McInerny, building management contributor for MarketScale, joined the podcast to talk about the need for this technology.

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