When a fireplace performs well, it is easy to set-up and enjoy, with no problems. But often, fireplaces don’t work the way they should. And the explanation as to why comes down to physics.

“When we talk about a well drawing fireplace…that’s actually a fireplace that has a vacuum created inside of it,” Jason Hamachek, district manager at FireRock Professional Building Materials, said on the podcast.

Airflow is paramount, but not just in the fireplace; airflow through a home greatly affects how a chimney functions. As highly skilled laborers are becoming scarce, and energy efficient technology remains a part of homes, architects and builders have had to change how they install fireplaces. Now they look to pre-engineered fireplaces to combat poor airflow problems. Hamachek explains and identifies the factors, both inside and outside the home, that can make smoke hard to escape properly, and what today’s efficient fireplace looks like.

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