To support the nation’s critical infrastructure, Fibrebond couldn’t shut down during the pandemic. Halting operations, even for a short period, was not an option.

Fibrebond’s Vice-President of Supply Chain and Manufacturing Support, Martee Gonsoulin, said the company had to act quickly to put procedures, safeguards and practices in place to ensure worker safety so that business could continue during COVID-19.

“Early on, Louisiana was one of the hot spots for COVID-19,” Gonsoulin said. “So, back in February, we began to dive in and look at the details of what would be needed to combat the pandemic, and, by the end of February/early March, we put in place policies we felt needed to happen to keep our folks safe.”

Fibrebond continued to get policies and procedures in place through March before Louisiana’s March 30 stay-at-home mandate. Gonsoulin credited her 20-plus years in pharmaceutical manufacturing for providing insight and much-needed experience in preparing for this unforeseen event.

“All of the sudden, some of the background I have with dealing with the FDA, CDC and pharmaceutical science really played into my helping shape and draft policies to help employees feel safe here,” she said.

What were some of the measures Fibrebond took to keep its employees safe?

“We have many employees in production who work in close quarters with other people,” Gonsoulin said. “We knew we had to put measures in place to keep those folks as safe as possible and continue to support customers and the infrastructure.”

From temperature scans for every employee or person entering the facility to health questionnaires, isolating employees to specific buildings, staggered work shifts with zero interaction between shift changes, face coverings for all employees, and outdoor breakroom setups, increased designated restrooms and work-at-home policies for most administrative and professional staff, Fibrebond left no stone unturned in its mission to make worker safety priority No. 1.

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