Imagine a building undergoing renovations, needing to shut off some water pipes and therefore leading to a dead leg of piping. Now imagine, once the renovations are completed, that water is flushed right back into the system. You may have just put a pathogen in your entire building’s water supply. When it comes to water treatment, whether on a domestic or processing side, simple choices can have drastic effects, for better or for worse, and no one knows this better than our guest today, Tony Self.

“As water flows past that dead-leg, it will pick up whatever pathogens may be growing there. It just needs an opportunity for somebody to become exposed,” Self said. Self, Director of Engineering for Chem-Aqua Incorporated, came on this episode of the Building Management Podcast to discuss the challenges that come with keeping both consumers and workers safe around potential water pathogens, the effect of increases in government regulation on small businesses, and how users and facility operators can make small decisions to have big, positive impacts.

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