Dark, warm and undisturbed – that’s the perfect environment for mold to proliferate in a building. Any building is vulnerable, but in some parts of the country, building managers are facing the growing issue of mold outbreaks in school buildings left vacant over the summer months. On this episode of the Building Management Podcast, we sit down with Polygon’s Director of Marketing Summer Street, a leader in disaster restoration services, to discuss what makes buildings vulnerable and how best to protect your assets from this health-threatening condition.

“Educational facilities, like any facilities that tend to be seasonal, [must] consider the condition of the indoor air quality, making sure there’s dehumidication and cooling during what we call the layup time,” Street says.

Often times, the best way to deal with potential mold in a building is getting ahead of it with an indoor air condition analysis, Street says. Staying cognizant of the building conditions that cause mold to proliferate and maintaining your building during down times is the key to effective building management.

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