What is trending in the market for fixed but flexible screens, for both the consumer and commercial customer? In both cases, screens are catching on as the aesthetic and functional solution for improved business and lowered energy costs. Take the restaurant industry for example; they enjoy the retractable, motorized version replacing a previous manual process. The restaurant industry has seen a huge return on the investment of enclosing their patio areas; in the summer, guests are protected from bugs, and in the colder months, vinyl shades create an area that remains warm, allowing restaurants to keep patios open year-round.

“A lot of restaurants are catching on to the fact that the old manual pull down screens just won’t cut it in the winter,” said Michael Longoria, Business Development Manager for Universal Screens. He’s joined by Jeremiah Franklin, Order Specialist for Universal Screens, to explore the question: how is this more knowledgeable customer base affecting the market for screen products, and what products best reflect the current needs of the homeowner or business owner?

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