Greg Crumpton was born in 1964, the last year classified as the “Baby Boomer” generation. Not only was he born into this generation, but his vertical is defined by it; working in the skilled trade industry, Crumpton is seeing a massive wave of retirement from the Baby Boomers. In the next 13 years, 47 million Baby Boomers will retire, and more than 2 million will be skilled trade workers. The skilled trade workforce is already experiencing a labor shortage, and now, the industry must look to replace an entire generation of people.

Crumpton has felt this impending retirement wave first hand; he’s the vice president of critical facilities at Service Logic, the largest privately owned HVAC and mechanical services company in the United States. Service Logic has experienced the industry’s labor shortage, but its hiring team works to recruit high school graduates, military veterans and displaced workers from other industries.

They also find innovative and authentic ways retain their current staff and train them for other skilled trades. “We’re actually able to give workers something that’s applicable to their daily life and that can really help them with a whole career,” Crumpton said. Listen to Crumpton discuss the skilled trade labor shortage and how those in the industry can work to fill it.

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