Building Operating Management’s NFMT2019 conference is designed to connect professionals in this industry with the latest and greatest innovations, showcasing new technology and education, as well as providing the perfect environment for networking and mutual growth. This year’s themes are Connect, Build, and Grow, while speeches and showcases will focus such topics such as improving operations, or staffing and services.

Fast Facts

When: March 26-28, 2019

Where: Baltimore Convention Center; Baltimore, Maryland.

Who: Professionals and executives in the building and facilities management industries

How: Registration is free and can be done online here.

Why Attend?

NFMT2019 is the biggest conference of its kind, representing the building and facilities management industry and its vendors. This expo brings together professionals from across the country to network and exchange knowledge, while demonstrating the latest technologies and developments transforming building management.

In addition, NFMT2019 will be co-locating with the Clean Buildings Expo, which is an all new trade show dedicated to the commercial cleaning industry. It is a great opportunity to check out an industry that is deeply related and intertwined with building and facilities management.


The 2019 edition is built around three areas; improving operations; construction, renovation, and retrofitting; and staffing and services.


Most conferences have a networking component, but NFMT2019 will emphasize the importance of the show as a space for face-to-face connections. With over 5,000 facilities and building management executives in attendance, it is shaping up to be the perfect place to forge new connections and strengthen old ones. During the three-day conference, multiple events are scheduled to facilitate networking, including dinners and solution exchanges. There are also events specifically tailored towards women in facilities management.


The conference has a busy agenda of speakers and events, all designed for attendees to learn about the future of the industry and to build their knowledge and professional network. The three focus areas bring speakers as well as interactive events to bear on solving facilities management problems and bringing more value to organizations.


NFMT2019 will be attended by more than 500 vendors and exhibitors, making this the number one expo of its kind in the industry. Exhibitors come from across the facilities industry, including HVAC, lighting, and building automation. With such a variety of vendors, it’s the best place to get a look at the technology driving the industry forward and changing the game for managers.

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