Leveraging Economic Shifts and Corporate Knowledge can Unlock New Opportunities in Emerging Markets

May 16, 2024
Mike McCalley


Identifying and capitalizing on emerging market opportunities is crucial for entrepreneurs and investors in today’s fast-paced global economy. With entrepreneurship in Latin America echoing the boom of Silicon Valley during the dot-com era, today’s episode dives into the dynamic growth and untapped opportunities in this vibrant region.

Amidst this backdrop, what drives successful navigation and investment in these high-risk, high-reward environments? What strategies can entrepreneurs and investors employ to capitalize on the burgeoning opportunities in Latin America?

In this episode of  Get Vertical! with Mike McCalley, today’s guest, Mike Purnell, a General Partner at EHI Cleantech Ventures, shares his journey from corporate leadership at GE to spearheading entrepreneurial ventures and investments in Latin America’s emerging markets.

Key Points of Discussion:

  • The rising entrepreneurial spirit and innovation across unexpected regions in Latin America.
  • How past corporate experiences can inform and enhance entrepreneurial success.
  • The importance of building a team-oriented culture in both corporate and startup environments.

About the Guest: Mike Purnell boasts a rich background, beginning with a degree in mechanical engineering from Mississippi State University. He transitioned from a project engineer to leading functional business units at GE, leveraging his extensive corporate experience to enter the entrepreneurial and private equity spaces. Currently, Mike is a General Partner at EHI CleanTech Ventures, focusing on the intersection of technology and emerging markets.

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