Before the business world moves into a new year, we wanted to look back at some of the very best stories and shows of 2019. From the National Hockey League and the nation’s most prestigious distillers, to digitization in Oil and Gas – the B2B landscape continued to provide amazing storylines.

With that in mind, here are MarketScale’s Top 10 stories of the year.

1. Throwing Retail A Curveball 

The teammates-turned-business-partners at Baseballism, a Portland, Oregon-based retailer founded in 2013, have defied conventional wisdom by creating success out of two institutions that are perceived to be shrinking.

See how Baseballism defied the odds in baseball and retail here.

2. Behind the Screens with the Dallas Stars

Recognized as the region’s Best Fan Experience by JD Power in 2017, the Stars have become a staple in the Dallas-Fort Worth nightlife scene even with just two playoff trips in the last 10 seasons. This is because of the creativity and mentality of the organization’s entertainment crew, which has captivated and engaged fans in a way very few franchises have with its content and presentation.

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3. Made in America: A MarketScale Original Series

MarketScale has spent the past several months going across the country taking a behind-the-scenes look at some of America’s most notable homegrown companies. From historic distilleries and guitar makers to the cutting edge security products of the future, we’re finding out what makes these brands proud to be made in America.

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4. Will Digitization Will Move Careers Back to Shore?

Digitization may be a buzzword in the oil and gas industry, but it has become so for a reason. New digital solutions have transformed what offshore drilling companies are able to do and learn in the process.

McDermott Global Vice President of Engineering Vaseem Khan admits that the industry is slow to change, but this burgeoning revolution of automation, data gathering and connectivity could lead to an acceleration of new processes.

MarketScale caught up with Khan at OTC 2019 in Houston this week to get his thoughts on some of the biggest trends in oil and gas today.

Check out Khan’s full perspective here.

5. Business Casual Radio Debuts

Hosts Tyler Kern and Daniel Litwin break down the top stories of the week every Wednesday and Friday on Business Casual.

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6. How North Texas is Bursting Onto the National Scene

University of North Texas Athletic Director Wren Baker has been in his chair since July 2016 and has since led the Mean Green to new heights in two important areas. To go with a nine-win football season last fall, Baker also spearheaded the most successful fundraising campaign in school history, almost doubling the previous annual high-water mark. The program also generated the second-most revenue in its conference last year.

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7. Faces of Design: Designing Your Own Future

Interior designers are often stereotyped as those obsessed with glamour and extravagance. While designers do appreciate the finer details in a space, they often are not lauded for the behind the scenes work it takes to get to the finish line. For every glossy spread in Interior Design Magazine, there were hundreds of hours spent laboring over the details. In the case of Sarah Kuchar, she literally rolled up her sleeves to build her own dreams.

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8. Why the Future of Smart Cities Comes Down to Data

While sensors, radars and cameras may be what people think when they envision the smart cities of the future, data will be what make improvement to community life tangible. The insight gathered by new hardware and software around cities and rural areas will only be as good as how it is acted upon.

Catch our entire interview with Sarah Glova, Director of Growth and Communications at NC RIoT here.

9. How eFrogs Jumped Ahead of Uber, Lyft in Dallas Ridesharing

In Dallas, ridesharing company eFrogs has been shuttling passengers around the most popular areas for nightlife and business since 2010. The free trip service started with a business-to-consumer model, but Founding Partner Jeb Morris has shifted a significant amount of attention to B2B endeavors.

View our full conversation with Jeb Morris here.

10. Leaders Driving Change at SXSW

On part II of the MarketScale SXSW Podcast Series, hear how both a 3D printing company and a foreign airline service are making the most out of existing materials and why a team of scientists is trying to capture images of something previously unseen by cameras.

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Thank you for following along with all of MarketScale’s content this year, make sure to come back for more B2B stories in 2020!