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Tips for a Better Job Posting

Hiring qualified candidates is one of the singular biggest challenges for companies. However, optimizing job postings by informing potential candidates about the essential characteristics about your company and the position is one of the best ways to help the cause. Let’s take a look at some best practices for maximizing your job postings.

1. Don’t Forget to Include Keywords

Getting your job posting noticed begins with an understanding of the key words and phrases candidates and job posters in your industry are leveraging. Sprinkle them throughout your posting and watch your interest rise.

2. Let Them Know Where You Are

Searching for jobs based on occupation and location is an extremely common tactic for job seekers – be sure to include where your role will take them somewhere in your listing.

3. Don’t Be Shy with Your Best Qualities

Job seekers want specific and measurable goals and benefits. Don’t be too generic – instead of promising “growth,” give them an idea of exactly how this role could boost their career. Dive deep into what makes your open position special and be sure that’s communicated clearly and often.

4. Think About Titles

Keep the title of your role short, sweet and relatable. Don’t fluff it up too much – job seekers know what they’re after, so make sure your title isn’t getting filtered out before you’ve had a chance to show them why your role could be the perfect match.

5. Provide the Full Picture

While your postings need to be concise and clear, you should also steer clear of not providing enough information to potential candidates. All requirements, including education, experience, certification and more, should be included to avoid confusion, as should any and all specific duties.

6. Use a Clean, Easy-to-Read Format

Utilize all the best practices you would for any formal piece of written content – line breaks between paragraphs, clear sections, bulleted lists and more can be great tools for getting more engagement from prospective hires.

7. Leverage MarketScale’s Jobcasts to Promote Your Roles

At MarketScale, our jobcasts are the perfect way to give potential candidates a better understanding of your open role and how they might fit into it. Jobcasts are a way to connect with prospective hires on a deeper and more authentic level than a simple posting – after all, it’s coming straight from you, the person with the most knowledge of exactly the kind of person you’re after. Interested in a jobcast? Let us know here!

8. Post Your Open Careers on MarketScale

When you partner with MarketScale to post your open positions, you’ll receive several benefits designed to set your listings apart.

You’ll have access to real-time data and insights regarding your applicants, and you’ll be in full control of all your postings. You’ll also be able to track how well they’re doing, make improvements and benefit from increased search visibility through Google indexing.

Posting a job to our job boards couldn’t be simpler – to get started, head to marketscale.com, select the “Industries” menu tab, then select “Careers.” From there, you can register for an account and begin getting your roles in front of thousands of potential hires.



If you keep these tips in mind and commit to leveraging all the benefits MarketScale provides as a partner in your search for the perfect candidate, your postings can rise above the saturation of poorly communicated open roles and stand out to prospective hires.

Ready to get started? Visit https://marketscale.com/industries/careers/.