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The Resiliency of the Hospitality Industry Jamie Bravo, General Manager of Hotel Bardo, a boutique hotel in Tulum, Mexico, joined us on Dirt Work to discuss the future of hospitality, picking up from a previous...
Dan Allford said

From a Small Garage to Big Success: The Story of Arc Specialties

// From its inception in 1983 to now, ARC Specialties has become a case study in the growth of an American entrepreneurial endeavor. Company President Dan Allford took the business...
trade war

U.S. and China Trade War, and Why Experts Disagree on its Impact

// The ongoing trade war between the United States and China continues to make an impact on businesses even beyond the two nations’ borders. U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer and Treasury...
Suzanne DeRusha says

Element Sessions: Answering the Age-Old Question of What is Contemporary Design

// How do you nail down the definition of contemporary? Ask an expert like Suzanne DeRusha, president of Suzanne Kimberly Design. In this episode of Element Sessions, an Element Designs...
Colin Reyenga says

Element Sessions: Software is Transforming Every Step of Design for the Better

// Technology has changed the way products work and look, but what is often overlooked is the technology that puts these products in front of a buying audience. For the woodworking,...
Hector Moreno says

Building a Better Bond: The Data Centers of the Future Are Already Built, Literally

// To build data centers efficiently, safely, and inexpensively, manufacturers are turning to prefabrication as an accessible, trusted, and standardized solution. Faster, cheaper, and safer are all great reasons alone...
Jody Walker says

Life in Polymers: Machining Plastics and Why Compression Molding Beats Out Extrusion

// On the first episode of Life in Polymers, we're breaking down the basics of machining plastics, and specifically the differences between extrusion and compression molding. Both are ways that...
Barbara Philibert says

The Fourth Revolution: Is Industry 4.0 Changing Manufacturers’ Skill Sets for the Better?  In this episode of The Fourth Revolution by Bartell, Pettibone President and CEO Barbara Philibert went into detail on that, when it comes to Industry 4.0, the key to optimizing...
Ken Litke says

Finding the Overtime Sweet Spot in Manufacturing

// Is overtime a good thing or a bad thing for a workforce and their employer? In this episode of the AEC Podcast, host Shelby Skrhak sat down with two...
safer glass installation

Putting Robots to Work for Safer Glass Installation

// Suction cups and manpower. At one time, that was how most all glass was installed because there were no other means to place these large, fragile building materials in...
machine builders

The Fourth Revolution: It’s Time for Machine Builders to Take IIoT Seriously  In almost any industry, IoT has become not only a consideration but a necessity, and many have already embraced and adopted it. Manufacturing has certainly seen the opportunities that...
FDH Tech talks

FDH Tech Talks: A Look Inside the Strengthening of America’s Aging Infrastructure

// Many of the roads and bridges Americans use every day were built just after World War II. While technical marvels at the time of their construction, our nation's critical...

Element Sessions: The Rise of “Resi-mercial” Design

// Office spaces have long been attached to the stigma of being cold, grey rooms filled with an endless sea of cubicles. The design of office spaces today, though, is...
Sean Black talk

Building a Better Bond: Prefabricated vs. Brick and Mortar. Is One Cheaper, More Reliable...

// Construction industry trends are causing a comeback for an age-old process: prefabricated construction. Not always a favorite within the industry, conceptions on prefabricated construction have slowly become more positive....
Mike Horgan says

The Discussion on Sustainable Materials Is Shifting (Slowly But Surely)

// Over time, consumers become more familiar with the vast options for high-quality, sustainable building materials, but how is the conversation coming along on an industry-wide level? On this episode...

The Fourth Revolution: How is a Skilled Labor Shortage Affecting Manufacturing?  Though the unemployment rate is the lowest it's been in recent memory, the skilled labor shortage doesn’t show any signs of letting up. On this episode of The Fourth...
William Paddock says

Tile Makers Like Crossville Are Setting New Bars for Sustainability

// Sustainability continues to drive the future of AEC as regulations push for more ecologically conscious business practices and more consumers demand eco-responsibility from manufacturers and builders. But manufacturers of...
Stephen Janak says

The Marking Minute: Maintaining Consistency While Creating Custom Products

// When you think about the world of marking products and engineered films, you may think it’s a one-size-fits-all approach. Our guest today couldn't disagree more. Most applications require specific...
Dan Allford says

Should We Tax Robots on the Factory Floor?

// Have you heard of the concept of robot taxation? It’s an idea that pushes for more taxes on companies that use robots over human labor, and supporters have a...
Elle H-Millard says

Tips for Finding and a Working with Design Influencers

// In the world of social media influencers, the stakes are high and the territory confusing to maneuver. But it doesn’t have to be, said Elle H-Millard, interior designer and...
Paul Guth says

New Innovations Lead to Efficiency and Safety for Power Tool Manufacturer

// Is efficiency the key to innovation? It is certainly a topic for discussion, especially in the AEC industry. To talk about the connection between efficiency and innovation as well...
Ron Tamlyn says

One Company’s Story of Surviving and Thriving in AEC

// There’s no such thing as an overnight success. No one knows this better than today’s guest on the AEC Podcast, Ron Tamlyn, co-owner of worldwide building products supplier Tamlyn. He...
Paul Manley

The Marking Minute: How Storing Glue has Evolved from Makeshift Miller Lite Kegs

// In this episode of The Marking Minute by Presco, host Sean Heath sat down with Paul Manley, vice president of engineering for Presco Polymers to discuss how the manufacturing...
Durwin Adams says

Building a Better Bond: The Power of a Chaplaincy Program for a Faith-based Company

// Many companies are designed with values and virtues in mind. Fibrebond, a leader in the manufacturing of mission critical structures, is no different, considering itself built on a firm...
Toqeer Kazmi says

NN Inc. Job Opportunity: Learning From the Very Best as a Tool Maker Apprentice

// All areas of manufacturing are feeling the same strain. With an aging workforce and younger generations moving away from these types of jobs, there is a looming labor shortage...