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The Erosion of America’s Infrastructure Makes a Splash

  A recent dam collapse in Texas has once again reignited a conversation around America’s aging infrastructure. While not something people discuss until it is oftentimes in the wake of an...
HD expo wellnessvideo

What Wellness Means at HD Expo 2019

   At HD Expo 2019 in Las Vegas, hospitality and design leaders have come together to discuss the latest trends in the marriage of the two industries. Last year the...

How to Build a Hydraulic Hose

With the correct tools and materials, you can build a hydraulic hose in seven simple steps. Find out more here.

Ergo: Small Business, Big Glass Installation Solutions

There is no substitute for flexibility in any industry; yet most companies aren’t inherently nimble, able to deliver custom and unique solutions to each customer. At Ergo Robotic Solutions,...

“The Lighting Professor” on Trends and Design at KBIS 2019

   For many attendees KBIS 2019 was first and foremost a learning opportunity. There was no shortage of expertise at the event on any topic related to kitchen and bath...

Exciting Products Being Manufactured with Composites

Composites are being used in exciting ways across a wide range of industries, from Architecture and Construction, to Aerospace and Energy, to Sports and Recreation. Here are some of the...

Step Inside the New American Remodel 2019

Every year, the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) showcases the latest interior and exterior design products during its presentation of the New American Remodel. Invitees were welcomed to tour...

TAMLYN will be at the IBS 2019!

Tamlyn will be showcasing TamlynWrap and XtremeInterior at the IBS 2019, February 19-21, Booth C5749. Come visit us and say Hello and get to know what Tamlyn has to...

KPS Global CLP Panels

KPS Global offers continuous line panels made of EPS which allow for cost-effective cold storage. Find out more here

CLP Panel Manufacturing Process and Installation Overview

KPSG offers custom solutions for project specific needs including various kinds of panels. Learn more about CLP panels here: KPS Global® is the industry-leading manufacturer of walk-in coolers and freezers...