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CES 2019 in 60 Seconds

MarketScale was on the ground in Las Vegas this week to catch up with the top brands, innovators and technology providers at CES 2019. Everything from retailers to automotive...

How We Serve Our Customers

MarketScale sat down with some of our team members and customers at our 2018 Vmworld Roadshow to discuss how we work to better serve our customers and what sets...

What Makes Pinnacle Unique?

MarketScale sat down with some of our team members at our 2018 VMworld Roadshow to discuss why they chose to come to work to Pinnacle. Our family atmosphere, commitment...


It was a very busy fall 2018, with Microdrones going "on tour" to work with distributors, customers and trade show prospects to show them three new systems. The fall trade...

AT&T 5G Network is Launching Soon

AT&T will light up cities with 5G mobile technology this year. Faster data speeds and shorter communication delays could enable technology like self-driving cars. 5G technology has potential to...

Mike Miller, President, Miller Reporting Group, on being a Stenograph customer since 1994

Mike Miller, President of Miller Reporting Group, has been using Stenograph products since 1994. "They allow me to the best me that I can be on the job."

AI and Deep Learning in the Threat Landscape: What We Learned at GSX

Forecasting Risk Risks are multiplying today and with the world being so interconnected, the digital environment offers myriad ways in which bad actors can impact businesses. Not only do organizations...

Tidel TR50 Cash Recycler

An overview of the TR50 cash recycler by Tidel.

Rugged modular enclosures offer configuration and size flexibility

The rugged Type 53 enclosure uses a modular construction design. Available standard in three different sizes, the design enables extensible payloads depending on the demands of the application. The family...

Chase Frazier, RMR, CRR, CRC on the Luminex: “I love it!”

Chase Frazier, RMR, CRR, CRC, owner/instructor at Champion Steno, discusses what he loves about the Luminex. "You guys got it perfected."