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Digital Editor MarketScale

Geoffrey Short is a digital editor with MarketScale in Dallas, TX. With a background in digital journalism, Geoffrey currently focuses on retail, hospitality, pro AV and AEC news, interviewing thought leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs in those fields.



Do Americans Have an Appetite for Alternative Meat?

Americans are expected to spend $6.8 billion on food this Fourth of July, according to Wallet Hub. Outside of celebrating American independence, the holiday is perhaps most associated with grilling meat. However, this year Americans will also be eating something...
MLB in London

MLB in London: Will Baseball Hit a Home Run Across the Pond?

In a rivalry that dates back more than a century it is hard to find something unprecedented between two teams. However, that will be the case this weekend when the Boston Red Sox host the New York Yankees, not in...

Does More Automation Mean Fewer Careers?

Without question, automation has improved the lives of millions. The speed, consistency and efficiency of automated processes has saved businesses money while producing more goods in less time. For consumers, this has meant cheaper prices and consistent quality. Automation has also...

Iconic Dallas Businessman Ross Perot Dies at 89

Computer services pioneer, Navy veteran, two-time presidential candidate and philanthropist Ross Perot has died after a five-month battle with leukemia. He was 89 years old. “We have lost a true Dallas Icon,” Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson tweeted. “Ross Perot was a...

Should Healthcare Pricing Be More Transparent?

Healthcare prices have continued to rise in the United States in recent years, and no solution has been agreed upon. Making a complicated situation even hard to solve is the fact that the supply chain is much more complex...
public transportation

Can Big Tech Cause a Big Change in Public Transportation?

American cities were transformed by the advent of reliable public transportation decades ago. But as those cities have radically evolved, most public transit systems remain largely the same as they did generations ago. Recently, the blend of tech and data...