Projecting Educational Display Technology Into the Future: TCEA 2020

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Even in the earliest day of traditional classrooms, displays like chalkboards were important to the learning process. Companies like Epson have been providing modern display technology, like projectors, to schools for more than 20 years. One of the challenges of this technology, however, is its maintenance requirements.

Tom Piche, a project manager on Epson’s Education Team chatted with Marketscale host J.W. Marhsall about game-changing breakthroughs in projector technology during the annual TCEA conference. Laser projection, for instance, is the latest in display technology. Requiring virtually no maintenance, this projection technology is more cost-effective.

Another benefit of Epson’s new and upcoming classroom display technology is versatility. Projectors that can integrate with interactive programs, be used on dry erase surfaces, and be put on the network for collaborative purposes are all examples.

Learn more from Tom Piche about modern displays and the technological ecosystem of the classroom. Tune into our chat during the TCEA conference and stay on top of what’s trending in education today by subscribing to MarketScale’s EdTech channel.


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