Energy Shows

This is the Energy podcast, by MarketScale. Here, we dive into the latest trends and news that revolutionizes the way energy providers and innovators adapt to accommodate to the needs of those they serve! Tune in for interviews with trend-setting thought leaders who provide compelling insights into the future of oil, wind, solar, hydro, and nuclear energy, and everything in between.


What Do Record Wind Numbers Mean for the Industry?

Today’s episode of the MarketScale Energy podcast takes a look at two renewable energy sources: solar and wind. As demand grows for these sources, people are coming up with creative ways to utilize this energy in a way that both teaches and saves money.


MarketScale Energy 01/21/19: Breaking Solar Records & Setting Nuclear Standards

Energy is essential to life as we know it. The planet is facing some big challenges when it comes to energy and many scientists are working away on how to remedy this. In this podcast, we talk to two academia experts on what the future of energy may be.


MarketScale Energy 01/07/19: How to Cut the Red Tape on Energy Initiatives in 2019

2019 is a big year for the energy industry. Companies are taking advantage of emerging tech like drones and machine learning to improve operations, we’re doubling down on a renewable future, and continuing to see booming oil production in the Permian Basin to name a few things. It’s definitely a year to watch out for.

Like any industry, seeing those changes come into play takes time and a lot of cutting through red tape. That’s what our content explores on today’s episode. How should you approach 2019 headstrong to get energy initiatives moving with vigor, and how should countries, municipalities and companies coordinate to make these energy initiatives a reality?


MarketScale Energy 12/05/18: From Batteries to Basins

Today’s MarketScale Energy Podcast Show hosts two varied features; one looking at the future of a familiar power source and its impact on local communities, and the other looking at the energy behind drones. We hear from Founder of BP Capital & TriLine Index Solutions Toby Loftin, who analyzes an article on MarketScale Energy that digs into the impact of increased production in the Permian Basin, and how one stretch of land is impacting not only Texas and New Mexico communities, but the global oil market.

We also get a drone-themed recap compilation of several MarketScale guests who we’ve sourced over the last year, looking at innovation in drone technology. Specifically, what’s the best way to power them? Some say hydrogen fuel cells, others say battery power. We give them the platform to voice their opinions and insights, and show why thoughtful changes in drone power sources means more capable payloads.