Perspective is crucial for a good salesperson, especially if it includes the technical expertise of an engineer. On this episode of Building a Better Bond, a Fibrebond podcast, Sarah Clements, Technical Sales Representative for Fibrebond, sat down with Sean Heath to discuss the importance of flexibility and stability in the industry.

The ability to look for a solution through the engineer’s eyes is an invaluable asset, according to Clements.

“When I look at a floor plan, I can engineer: Well, if you move this piece of equipment 10 feet to the left, or switch here or switch it right, and you can decrease the cost for power circuits and all of these other things,” she said. “That’s something that really helps when you’re talking about dollars and cents.”

An engineer’s mindset also comes into play when a new design approach is needed for a unique challenge, Clements explained.

“You have to look at the environmental factors, the soil conditions, the wind conditions, rain, the heat,” she said. “You have to look at everything – where it is going, the slope of the roof, the door placement. These are all things that, when you pick us, we’re going to look at, and we’re going to design it to its best qualities.”

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