Building a Better Bond: Changing Materials, Maintaining Mentality


Many industries can change, some seemingly overnight. Others can take years to complete their makeover. On this episode of Building a Better Bond, Randy Bogan, Warehousing Director for Fibrebond, sat down with Sean Heath to discuss the nature and rate of change in the industry.

The nature of business is change, but that helps a company grow, according to Bogan.

“You have to really be on your toes, now,” he said. “There’s a lot going on daily. Time flies by. It’s very, very busy, and it’s just a lot going on with the product lines that we have.”

After leaving the company for several years, although there may have been several product changes, the sense of family was there the moment he returned, Bogan explained.

“We all like each other,” he said. “We get along, because we know that, in order for Fibrebond to succeed, everyone has to succeed and do their job and do it correctly.”

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