Flintco Career Opportunity: Exploring The Role of Superintendent

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What do a football coach and a Flintco Superintendent have in common? We asked the tough (and the fun) questions on this Flintco Forward Jobcast, highlighting the leadership role of Superintendent. We learned what makes a great Flintco Superintendent and explored the possibilities of a long, rewarding, and forward-thinking career in commercial construction.

“The cool thing about this position, it really is building the skyline of Memphis,” said Tony DeStefano, Vice President of Human Resources.

Superintendents are Project Managers on some of the most influential buildings in Greater Memphis, including the St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. The role oversees day-to-day operations, manages sub-contractors, and communicates with clients. Superintendents are at the frontline of defense when it comes to job site safety, monitoring quality and efficacy and looking for ways to improve.

In an economy where jobs come and go, how will a Superintendent grow and evolve with Flintco into the future?

“From my standpoint I think it’s going to be helping drive the industry forward through new technologies,” DeStefano said.

It’s not just Silicon Valley entrepreneurs on the frontline of tech. A job as a Superintendent also plays a role as an innovator in the construction industry, integrating tools like augmented reality, virtual reality, and cloud based data sharing into the workplace. With their eyes set on the future, Flintco aims to add offices, grow, and be at the forefront of modernization in construction.

“We are a people person business,” said Henry Knerr, Director of Operations at Flintco. He explained how Superintendents are also teachers and trainers, inspiring Flintco personnel to greatness.

At Flintco, “we’re constantly growing, developing, striving to be the best,” Knerr said.

Find out more at the Flintco careers page www.flinco.com/careers

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