In a country with multiple climates, builders in different regions of the U.S. must be aware of the weather challenges that might affect their projects.

At Chicago Build Expo, construction professionals from every pocket of the nation came together to learn about the different weather-related obstacles their contemporaries deal with and how to address them.

“A perfect example is Seattle. Seattle does more temporary climate solutions with dehumidification than any market we have throughout the U.S.,” Summer Street, Director of Marketing, Polygon US Corp. said. “So, basically you get to know your people very well. And they also know, because they’re dealing with it all the time, how to prepare ahead.”

Street says no matter where a project is developed, a few basic best practices can be applied. Building trust and rapport with clients and partners prevents bigger issues. This is particularly prescient in areas like South Florida, where hurricane season can take a toll on worksites.

“It comes down to making sure you have that relationship before storm season happens. You need to have someone you can rely on that’s there to act when the water recedes.” Street said.

Whether it is in the Florida Keys or the Puget Sound, construction professionals must be aware of what weather events could present themselves.