Fibrebond Career Opportunity: Leading the Charge from Beginning to End as a Project Manager

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On this Building a Better Bond jobcast, host Daniel Litwin was joined by Michael Hochstetler, Project Director at Fibrebond, to discuss Fibrebond’s open Project Manager position. A Fibrebond Project Manager is the customer’s single in-house contact, who oversees all project-related tasks, and directs production from estimation to engineering.

Daniel kicked off the discussion with a 30-second speed round where Hochstetler provided a quick overview of the key job points, i.e., job location, hours, days, travel requirements, years of experience needed, educational requirements, and career path expectations.

Hochstetler next described the types of projects this position would typically work on, from small scale building projects, to the big picture, multi-modular building project. When asked by Daniel, what type of fictional character most embodies this project manager role, Hochstetler responded with Kevin Costner’s role in the movie Draft Day. The challenges that Costner’s character goes through in a single day, and all of the various moving parts he needs to navigate makes a great analogy for the types of challenges the Fibrebond Project Manager will go through.

Hochstetler pointed out that just because this is a role inside a manufacturing environment doesn’t mean it isn’t creative. Fibrebond is looking for ‘out of the box’ thinking that relies on creativity to solve both internal and external project problems.

The conversation wrapped up with Hochstetler mentioning training is an important part of the onboarding process Fibrebond will focus on with this Project Manager position, and he also said one of the most exciting parts of the interview process is when candidates get to see the facility for themselves.

If you’d like to apply for this open Project Manager position, go to, or email your resume and/or internal application directly to

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