The Valve Chronicles is beginning a new series on United States and European plane fueling operations. Leading the conversation are Cla-Val experts Tom Boriack, Global Market Manager, Fueling and Richard Hooton, Market Manager Aviation & Ground Fueling EMEA.

In this series, the two will delve into the differences between the two areas, why they exist and working toward global harmonization with standards.

“All fueling is the same, yet there are many differences. With a broad brush, it’s operating policies, staff competencies, vehicle design and cultural,” Hooton said.

Boriack believes there will always be nuances – and that some are necessary.

“Aligning on standards is positive from an operations and manufacturing perspective. Right now, we have 300 variations between one standard,” he said.

Though many differences exist in the industry between major players in the U.S. and Europe, the key to evolution and progress in a beneficial direction is to overcome cultural variance and learn from each side to create a safer, more efficient industry – and this podcast will explore how that can happen.

New episodes will focus on those key differences, exploring in detail how they can be leveraged for good and to propel the world of plan fueling operations forward toward greater cooperation and collaboration in serving customers around the world.

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