For the truck rental experts at On The Move, 2017 was a year for reflecting on the past and making strides toward a strong future. This past year marked On The Move’s 25-year anniversary since founder Maury Westerdale decided to pursue his vision of enabling Self-Storage owners and operators to manage rental trucks. Since then, On The Move has expanded and tailored that vision to the needs of clients, earning awards and becoming industry leaders in the process. 2017 was no exception to this trend. 

This year saw On The Move expanding to meet the increasing demand for their quality food trucks. Partnering with Shook Mobile Technology, On The Move combined production in a facility in the San Antonio, Texas area. Equipped to manufacture all three of On The Move’s popular truck models, the 70,000 square foot facility made production more efficient and ready to be ramped up to meet the needs of eager customers. Mohammad Farshid of Aroma Kitchen was one such excited customer, saying that, “It’s an amazing truck. I love it and everybody who sees it thinks the same way.” For those in the market for a food truck, On The Move extended an invitation to drop by their showroom and see what the buzz is all about. 

One element of On The Move’s food truck line that grabbed some attention this year was the unveiling of their patented slide out and step down service area. This feature puts food truck servers on eye-level with customers, making the experience memorable and unique in a field of trucks. Even better, the design allows additional room for equipment and crew to get delicious food to those hungry customers waiting in line. This and other additions to the On The Move family didn’t go unnoticed by the industry. 

For the seventh year running On The Move secured Inside Self-Storage (ISS)’s prestigious Best of Business Award for Best Truck Rental/Leasing Program. 2017 also saw On The Move awarded with the ISS’s Best of Business Award for their Tenant Protection Program, which has earned the nod three out of the five years the program has been running. Voted on by industry experts, these ISS awards demonstrate On The Move’s industry leadership in being a one-stop-shop for truck rental and leasing needs. 

At headquarters, On The Move’s building renovations were completed, new staff joined the team, and customers saw a slew of videos released helping to share the On The Move vision. The team at On The Move brought this vision to a number of national trade shows, making appearances at the SSA Show in Las Vegas, NAR in Chicago, and even the National Restaurant Association Show out of Chicago. All in all, On The Move saw more than 15 industry events on the schedule in 2017, where the team exhibited the latest designs, made new connections in the industry, and looked for new ideas to bring home. 

2017 was quite the year at On The Move. The announcement of exciting new projects as well as the continued developments of older initiatives was the perfect way to reflect on a quarter of a century in business.

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