Over the course of the year, Genesis Products has traveled from Orlando to attend the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) to the National RV Trade Show in Louisville, to the RV Open House in Elkhart, Indiana. We have seen new and innovative trends, and celebrated a lot of growth. Genesis Products is excited to look ahead to 2018 armed with the knowledge we have gained.

Big Growth

The first thing to note as we reflect on 2017 (model year 2018), is that RV sales are at an all-time high – and more than half of the buyers are under age 45. Sales of recreational vehicles show no signs of slowing down. Last year, 430,000 recreational vehicles of all kinds were sold, according to the RV Industry Association, an increase of 15% over the year before.[1]

What’s driving growth? A few factors. Low gas prices, easier credit, and new technology. Plus, smart phones, GPS, and 4G data connections have all made driving around the country for weeks much easier to do.

Exciting Trends

Trends are constantly evolving, and we saw a lot of exciting developments in design as we visited the trade shows and RV shows across the country in 2017. While the first RVers many, many years ago wanted no more than four wheels and storage, the RV industry is now offering modern campers a more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing experience.

  • Fascia: Fascia is a lightweight, pressed component that is nearly identical to its natural counterparts in looks and durability. It was widely used in 2017 to cover unattractive component joining points and provide an additional opportunity for designers to enhance the look of an RV’s interior. Consumers demanded beautiful and comforting RV interiors in 2017, and fascia helped make that goal a reality.
  • Color: Gray is the new white in the RV kitchen. In addition to the trend toward gray, bright splashes of color and the return of lines in design were big in 2017. Clean lines in fabric and other strategic areas within the RV interior space are moving past their retro roots and are here to stay. Blue was popular this year for both exteriors and interiors. A decreased focus on hardwood was apparent with more interest trending toward woodgrain materials
  • Shiplap: Perhaps due to the unflagging popularity of Fixer Upper over on HGTV, shiplap has become increasingly popular in interior design and home renovations. As a result, we noticed a higher usage of shiplap and other reclaimed wood in RVs and tiny homes as owners continue to make those spaces feel like Home Sweet Home. More reclaimed wood and other accent pieces such as subway tiles grew in popularity to support a trendy minimalist look.
  • A Focus on Accents: RV industry manufacturers are responding to consumer requests for highly accented points of focus in their designs, primarily backsplashes. Be it tile, stone, or laminate (HPL), the materials are flexible to fit the purchaser’s individual requirements.
  • Customization: Customization has been growing over the past few years, and 2017 was no different in this regard. People like options. Designs from other industries are finding their way into the RV market, and industry leaders are responding with a wide array of design possibilities to meet customer demand.
  • More Space: People expressed a big desire for more space, and designers met this demand with innovative storage solutions and new interior configurations.

Attending many RV and Design Shows throughout 2017 and other similar events is important to Genesis as we stay on the cutting edge of RV trends now and in the years ahead. 

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