Historically, training end users on a company’s products and solutions was a costly endeavor. Factoring in dollars spent on travel, equipment, and labor, the costs associated with bringing customers up to speed on a company’s latest solutions were often prohibitive, and certainly not scalable. Oftentimes, getting important product information to customers required organizations to send training personnel all across the country. These trainers would then have to make lengthy presentations and distribute mountains of printed material, all of which drained valuable time and resources from manufacturers and customers alike.

The need for customer training will never go away, however technology exists that allows organizations to become much more efficient in how they deliver training to their clients. Through the use of online training programs, organizations can easily upload product information as well as compelling, interactive training materials onto their Learning Management System (LMS). Once the materials are placed into the system, customers can log in at their convenience to gain access to the material and, if applicable, complete a course. No more flights, hotels, printing fees, and boring PowerPoints to eat into the budget. Employees and customers save time and stress, allowing them to be more efficient and productive.[1]

Tidel has recently implemented such an approach via its new interactive online training for its Series 4 and 4e solutions. “We developed this training module specifically for our end clients and channel partners,” David Barclay of Tidel explains, “with the purpose of providing a deeper education on how our systems work. Many of our end clients use the training before the system is installed so they’re better prepared upon installation, while others use the training as a reinforcement mechanism post-installation.”

Tidel’s Series 4 and 4e online training program provides a thorough, interactive experience to clients who have a desire to learn how to operate the Series 4 and 4e cash management solutions. Employing state of the art rendering tools, crisp, clear graphics, and engaging narration, the program guides users through 80 individual training modules, covering the Series 4 and 4e systems in their entirety. Its interactive instruction means that activities must be completed in order to progress through the module, reinforcing key points and ensuring clear understanding of each module.

The Tidel Series 4 and 4e training program is flexible, featuring several options for customers to select certain modules, allowing them to tailor their interactive experience. The system is also available both online and offline, and is compatible across multiple OS’s, browsers, and devices, including mobile.

Tidel’s Series 4 and 4e interactive training program can be completed at the user’s pace and convenience. Activities are based on realistic scenarios and simulations, ensuring a thorough and active user understanding of Tidel cash management systems and accompanying peripherals.

To learn more about this new training program, visit http://www.tidel.com/series-4-4e-training/.

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