Uneven tire wear leads to reduced life of your tires, meaning you will have to replace them more often. It just makes good sense to do everything you can to help your tires function optimally as long as possible to help keep your operating costs to a minimum.

Ensuring your truck is properly aligned is an important part of vehicle maintenance. Poor wheel alignment can lead to uneven tire wear, poor handling, and safety concerns.

When your truck is not aligned properly this creates excessive wear on your tires, suspension, and steering system, resulting in more maintenance costs in the future. But additionally, constantly fighting the steering wheel leads to strain and fatigue in your driver making his job less enjoyable and contributing to a significant safety issue on the road.

Bauer Built can provide expert truck alignment services at most of our locations. We also provide trailer alignment to ensure the entire tractor trailer system is aligned, from front to back. Another great way of maximizing your vehicle’s driving efficiency is by maintaining proper air pressure in your tires. Low air pressure creates excess heat build-up in your tires which is the most common cause of tire failures. Today, a good way to assure proper air pressure is with the use of tire pressure monitoring sensors (TPMS). Many of these sensors are also tied to on-board constant inflation systems. The best thing about these systems is they help you maintain tire pressures at optimal levels at all times.

Properly balanced tires and wheels also ensure longer tire life and better handling. Whether you want to use machine spin-balancing as part of your tire care, or you prefer to use a drop-in product like Equal or Counteract, or a constant balancing device such as CentraMatics to balance your tires, Bauer Built can provide you with the tire-balancing services you want and need to keep your vehicle running smoothly and efficiently down the road.

When your tires are inflated to the correct pressure and properly balanced and your vehicle is properly aligned, the engine doesn’t have to work as hard to get you moving and keep you moving. So not only are you improving the performance of your tires and the handling of your truck, it also means improved fuel efficiency in your fleet.

Because tires are such an integral part of your fleet, it’s important to use every tool available to maximize tire life and ensure you have the best tires for the needs of your specific fleet. Bauer Built is here to help you keep your fleet safe, efficient and on the road. Learn more about how Bauer Built can help improve your fleet’s safety and efficiency while reducing costs by visiting us at bauerbuilt.com today!

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