Apple is now waiving the annual $99 fee for its developer program for accredited educational institutions and other qualifying organizations, including nonprofits and government entities based in the United States. The program allows users to distribute apps worldwide, get the latest betas, utilize advanced app capabilities, test apps with TestFlight Beta Testing, and access App Analytics on iTunes Connect.

Apple heard complaints last year after it banned apps generated from templates. Though the company did this to set a quality standard for apps on its store and to eliminate duplicative apps, the policy also barred many apps developed by third parties for schools and other organizations. As it stands now, Apple is still preventing those third parties from submitting apps in their clients’ names, but opening the developer program to the client organizations so they can submit their apps themselves.

Organizations receiving a waiver must release only free apps without in-app purchases on the company’s app store. To receive the waiver, new members must submit a fee waiver request after they have submitted an enrollment request. Requirements include a EIN/Tax ID number, a D-U-N-S number, and legal entity status. Apple will review each fee waiver request.