The classic popsicle on the poolside combination may have met its match in Australia. With possible 50 degrees celsius (122 fahrenheit!) summers on the horizon, those down under are on the lookout for any way to beat the heat.[1] Smashing heat records from spring to late summer, Australia is facing some of the most intense heat in the world. Trends also show that what counts as a heat record today will be the average in the years to come. The Power Breezer, by Breezer Mobile Cooling, recently entered the Australian market, to many sighs of relief. Let’s explore how these rising temperatures are affecting Australia and how the Power Breezer can make the summers a season to look forward to again. 

Where is this heat coming from? The effects of climate change certainly play a part. But a few other key factors make Australia especially prone to craving lemonade and ice chips. 2017 saw a massive high-pressure system that kept key cold fronts from traveling north. That put plenty in tank-tops and swimsuits. But the dryness of winter, caused by the previous year’s heat and an overall trend toward dryness, led to a drought.[2] That means moisture leaves the body faster, brush fires are more common, and the sweat just keeps coming. 

The effects of El Nino, which rolls around every three to seven years, work to only exaggerate these already extreme weather events. Aussies are preparing for these particularly extreme years and trying not to take the off-years for granted, though they’re almost as bad. In El Nino years, Australia is usually the first to be hit. The brutally dry conditions common in the Australian Badlands get pushed further south to the densely-populated eastern coastline, including Australia’s third most populous city of Brisbane.[3]

Even in years when larger trends don’t have much effect, Australians are in desperate need of reliable ways to keep cool. If the health risks aren’t enough, heat stresses have been shown to reduce productivity by up to 27%. That’s where the Power Breezer comes in. Bringing in a powerful cooling solution isn’t just about keeping comfortable. Extreme heat shouldn’t be taken too lightly. It has the ability to endanger lives if people aren’t prepared. A high-power fan like the Power Breezer is a particularly strong solution for the dry Australian heat, conditions where evaporative cooling is the most effective. Alongside regular hydration, knowledge of the signs of heat exhaustion, and maybe an extra undershirt, productivity as well as good health is guaranteed to stay steady.

As Australians prepare for another sweltering summer, they can rest a bit cooler knowing that workable solutions exist. The recent introduction of Breezer Mobile Cooling’s Power Breezer is a timely and valuable addition to the market. The rest of us can appreciate the relatively milder climates we enjoy.




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