Anyone who has worked in automotive manufacturing knows that heat has a drastic effect on workplace morale. While many businesses have a plan in place to deal with temperature changes in the summer months, it can be difficult to realize just how much heat day-to-day processes can produce.

This was a serious problem for Hendrickson Axle Systems. At their manufacturing facility in Hebron, Ohio, welders were cutting plasma at 45 separate stations, all where it was impossible to use a central or portable air conditioner. While the company had a few large fans that workers could stand by for a few seconds, these did not do much to change the overall temperature of the workplace. This is a scene that is all too common in the automotive industry.

After one worker passed out and almost struck his head on a sharp metal edge at his welding station, Hendrickson Safety Manager, Anita Brown, knew finding a cooling solution was of the utmost importance. That’s where Breezer Mobile Cooling came in. Our team met Brown at a trade show in Orlando, Florida, and after listening to her concerns we knew we could help. Like many of our automotive customers, Brown and her team were set up with several Power Breezer portable evaporative coolers to meet their cooling needs.

There’s a reason the Power Breezer has become so popular with our automotive manufacturing clients. The 80 gallon tank means it not only pumps out cool air for more than five days at a time, but it also does not have to be attached to a hose. This makes it mobile, and it can be easily moved to wherever you need it most. It is also very easy to clean, a key element considering most manufacturing facilities experience high levels of dust and smoke in certain areas. Perhaps most importantly, the Power Breezer can help keep people and equipment cool without causing corrosion or rust on the automotive parts themselves. The Power Breezer is an effective, scalable solution to help keep workers safe and morale at an all-time high.

Brown says. “Everyone wanted one, and another and another and another. It’s really, truly helping. These are our employees, our work family. We care about them, and their safety comes first. We had multiple precautionary calls to 911 last year.  Now, with Power Breezer we’ve had none.  The guys are so used to it now, they know if they start feeling a little overcome by heat, they can step right out in front of the [Power Breezer] and cool down fast.” Hendrickson has over 60 work stations, and eventually plans to put a Power Breezer in each cell. Avoiding that one emergency room visit alone would have paid for their Power Breezers.

Thanks to Breezer Mobile Cooling, automotive manufacturers provide a workplace that is safe, productive and efficient. With a dedicated service team and a commitment to meeting the needs of our customers, Breezer is proud to have helped companies across the automotive industry keep their employees and their equipment cool.

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