Manufacturers of dietary supplements can win consumer interest and trust by making use of branded ingredients whenever possible. A branded ingredient has a unique identity and offers differentiated benefits over its generic counterpart. These attributes differentiate branded ingredients from commodity products—uniqueness, research, patents, regulatory status, formulation expertise and marketing dollars.

According to Innova Market Insights, 75% of Americans report that they read vitamin labels before choosing a product, and almost the same number of people strongly agree that nutritional labels should contain ingredients that are recognizable to the average consumer.

Using branded ingredients as a differentiating factor and identifying them on product labeling proves a company’s commitment to quality and transparency.

Branded ingredients support the clean label movement by making it possible for consumers to perform research on the product they intend to purchase. When consumers see a branded ingredient on the label, they can go look it up online, review the research, and see the data to support what they’re looking for. Informed shoppers are more likely to seek out and purchase products with branded ingredients.

The very best branded ingredients can tell a story that passively yet effectively wins consumer confidence. In researching the branded ingredient, consumers can discover scientific studies and clinical evidence that support marketing claims. Would-be buyers learn about the ingredient’s regulatory status, safety and efficacy, which in turn shape and strengthen their perception of the product itself.

Of course, the story told by a product is just as important to the retailers selling it as it is to the consumers buying. Retailers want products that intrigue consumers and attract them to their website or stores. They want products capable of winning a consumer’s trust, betting that they transfer that trust to the seller.

In today’s shopping culture, brand is closely linked to a buyer’s notion of quality. The term “generic,” by contrast, connotes something cheaper, something mass-produced and without a specific buyer in mind. Brand is a cut above generic. It commands a higher price. Positive interactions with a specific brand foster consumer loyalty and lead to repeat transactions.

Your Partner for Proven, Branded Ingredients

Add value, scientific support, and transparency to your products by formulating with branded ingredients. Don’t know where to start? At Deerland, we can help—from the initial stages of product conceptualization, through design phase, formulation, and even manufacturing. Our branded ingredients include science-backed enzyme blends, a probiotic and a prebiotic that support digestive health.

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