If you live in a major city, it’s hard to miss what seem like fleets of food trucks. Anything from burgers to sushi are lined up at the curb, waiting to tempt your taste buds. Food trucks are only becoming more popular, and thus worth investing in, and there is little question that food trucks can be a lot of fun to run—what’s better than getting your food out there to people who may not otherwise try it? And to ensure success, make sure you face the challenges of running a successful food truck buzzing with positive energy and armed with knowledge.
Food Truck Regulations
Running a food truck is primarily about making great food. However, there are also permits to obtain, licenses to seek, regulations to follow, and different types of insurance to understand, all based on your chosen location of operation. Some cities have more well-established pathways to operating food trucks. In other locations, where the business model is still fairly new, you you’ll want to lay some ground work to introduce your delicious food to the community.
Some states have very strict regulations about where food trucks can be parked, how they can be staffed, and when they can operate. Remember that with a food truck you’re straddling two legal areas: food service and transportation. Different regulations apply to each. If the laws are simple, you may be able to find information from others in the industry; however, if the laws are complex, you might consider legal counsel to keep your business in check and thriving within guidelines.
Financial Aspects
Food truck ownership isn’t just about making great food. Don’t forget that it’s a business too. Your business! There are financial, operational, and marketing considerations for success. Be realistic about start-up costs and seek out a financial advisor or even a local small business support group to offer encouragement and resources. On average it can cost you $150K just to join this $1.2 billion industry of over 4,000 trucks. Developing a well thought out business plan and investigating every aspect of launching a food truck is central to its success. In food trucks, as with anything, greater knowledge means greater success. Networking with other entrepreneurs can help keep you focused on your goals and keep you plugged into the small business community.
Look at these start-up tasks as an adventure, one you’ve chosen because you want to invest in yourself and your community. If feeding others is your passion, then few things will be more rewarding than watching your business grow because you’ve made people happy with great food. Once you learn the best places to park your truck, find your customers, make sure you have neither too much nor too little food, and how to best market yourself, the rewards are almost endless. Imagine yourself giving customers a great experience by offering fresh food and friendly service.
On The Move Can Help
On The Move provides a food truck program for those interested in starting a business. Their support system can increase your knowledge and boost your confidence as you enter this new phase of your career. The program is unique in the food truck design, which allows for larger working spaces while also allowing for interactions with larger numbers of customers. By understanding our clients’ specific needs and goals, we create custom solutions.
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