An eSports coaching platform, Gamer Sensei, has partnered with Becker College in Worcester, MA to provide its students with professional video game coaches. The coaches will provide training for the college's eSports club members who participate in gaming tournaments throughout the year.

The educational platform provides training through one-on-one online lessons to enhance skills in the team's preferred video game. There are currently 11 video game training programs available. Gamer Sensei is thrilled to partner with Becker College’s eSports team.

William Collis, co-founder of Gamer Sensei, says “Offering a college coaching program has been a dream of ours ever since we launched the platform, with one of the nation’s leading game design programs and a student body that was already plugged into the competitive gaming scene, Becker was a natural partner for us and we are excited to see how it takes off.”

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