There’s just something special about the mountains. State officials estimate Colorado’s population will grow by nearly 50% in the next 20 years, creating some major transportation headaches. As a result, officials are starting to think big—and looking at possibility of a Rocky Mountain hyperloop.


Elon Musk's famous idea of a levitating transit pod that can reach speeds of 700 mph would mean an individual could travel from Fort Collins to Colorado Springs in less than 20 minutes. After partnering with Virgin Hyperloop One, Colorado Department of Transportation officials are studying the possibility of bringing this type of transit to Colorado.


So, how would this technology actually work? Electricity moves hyperloop pods forward and gradually accelerates them through a low-pressure tube, where they glide at speeds similar to airplanes.


The proposed Rocky Mountain hyperloop carries a $24 billion price tag, which means this plan could be more of a futuristic fantasy than a real plan for handling heavy traffic in the region.


Still, Virgin Hyperloop One says it wants to have three operating hyperloop systems by 2021. Agencies looking at the feasibility of the project are studying what regulatory hurdles they would need to clear to make it happen. The proposed first leg of the loop would run 40 miles from Greeley to Denver International Airport.

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