The holidays are a busy time. Work parties, school concerts, shopping, and all the other activities associated with the season mean most people can’t seem to find the time to see their physician, dentist, or eye doctor. But your health doesn’t take a break for the holidays.

If you’ve met your healthcare deductible for 2017, it’s important to get all the care you need so you can avoid out of pocket expenses before your deductible resets with a new benefit plan in 2018. If you have not fully met your deductible, it’s a great opportunity to use funds from your tax advantaged account [Flexible Spending Account (FSA), Health Savings Accounts (HSA), or Health Reimbursement Account (HRA)] as well.

To take full advantage of your benefits (and save time), be sure to keep your FSA, HSA, or HRA card handy to pay for year-end healthcare expenses. Consumers can save an average of 30% on healthcare expenses by using tax-advantaged funds. “Tax-advantaged healthcare accounts are a cost-effective way to prepare for unexpected healthcare expenses and to pay for those expenses when needed,” says Terry Rowinski, HPS President and COO.

The timeframes for when you can spend your tax advantaged account funds can vary by benefit plan, so check your benefit plan information carefully. And be sure to open your accounts for 2018 now so you’ll have access to your funds in 2018. There’s usually only a small window of time to open an FSA with your employers’ benefit administrator—make sure you don’t miss it.

At HPS, we want consumers to take full advantage of their healthcare benefits by year’s end, and we make it easy with our SuperEOB®. The HPS SuperEOB is a consolidated, credit card-like statement that aggregates all your bills from your providers and your Explanation of Benefits from your insurance company, so you have just one bill to pay. HPS also offers payment plans for healthcare expenses that can fit into your budget.

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