AI-powered devices are popular in our homes right now. Intelligent personal assistants such as Google's Home, Microsoft's Cortana and Amazon's Echo run by Alexa use artificial intelligence to try to engage family members in conversations. While their abilities are pretty limited, parents are asking a smart question: is interacting with Alexa a good thing for kids?

AI devices provide entertainment for children. They can tell jokes, play games, keep track of time, play music and answer questions.

Both Alexa and Google Home can “listen” to conversations and record the conversation you're having with them. These devices upload the conversations to the cloud and allow you to listen later. Some families may not like the privacy implications of having this kind of tech around.

For those who’ve fully embraced home AI, experts have some tips regarding using the devices around kids. For example, young children cannot easily tell the difference between a person with feelings and a virtual assistant. If you want kids to be polite to people, you need to be polite to Alexa as well.

Experts also advise parents to participate in the conversations children have with their intelligent device, and limit the amount of time kids have with it. Children learn best when they interact with real people, face to face.

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